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Welcome to Pawxo

The Ultimate Social Hub for Pet People

  • Are you a pet parent (or a sibling)?
  • Are you interested in adopting one?
  • Are you an animal well-wisher?
  • Are you just in love with animals and their innocence?

If your answer to anything or everything above is ‘Yes’, we have covered.
Welcome to Pawxo, a pet social network to connect pet parents, animal lovers and enthusiasts from around the world. Our online community is crafted of pet lovers, for pet lovers and by pet lovers who are on a mission to make this world a happier and healthier place for the innocent souls who do the same for us! We are your everyday cuteness haven to discover and share adorable pet stories, adventurous memories, helpful pet parenting tips and raise awareness for animal cruelty, adoption, welfare and much more.

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How it Works

The Pawxo app lets you share memorable experiences of your pets through posts, photos, videos and more. And if you don’t have one, no worries; who doesn’t like to scroll through the feed of cute cuddly faces all day long.

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Tell us everything about your pet – from name to age, make your pet the rage!


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Pawxo Community

Our online pet community lets every pet fanatic enjoy the perks of living in a world with animals. We make it easy for you to find and connect with pets like yours, or the pets you care most about.


Social Petwork

A welcoming community designed to connect pets & pet parents.


Animal Cruelty

Raising awareness against
animal cruelty.


Animal Rescue

Finding a forever home for unwanted, abused, or stray pets.


Animal Welfare

Learn best pet parenting tips, animal care and welfare


Feel- Good Experience

Revive your monotonous days with the adventurous world of pets.


Love All Animals

From tails to scales, we treat all the animals equally!


Pet Adoption

We are the torchbearers of #adoptdontshop moment & animal rights.


Pet Stories

Powerful platform that lets you share & discover special pet moments.


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Join the #Pawxo family on Instagram and share your most awwwdorable pet moments that will make the world go XOXO!

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